I was born in France where I grew up in the land of the Mousquetaires, in South West France. I grew up in the tradition of wine and “eau de vie” making and my family still owns a Poire William distillery. I studied biochemistry and started my career in the cosmetics industry. I worked  for over twenty years as a consultant in the field of bio chemistry in Africa. I had the privilege to spend a lot of time in South Africa for which I grew to be very fond of. I always dreamed to find a little spot in paradise to set up my own distillery of fine quality spirits.

I also wanted to settle down with my family and when I found the Karoo One farm in April 2013, it seemed like the perfect place. Seeing the quantity of the table grapes in the area of De Doorns comforted me in my idea of using quality grapes which do not have the requirements for export to make low wine.

The Farm was in a setting that reminded me very much of my homeland and the beauty was very inspiring and convinced me that I had found the perfect place to set up a distillery.  It was time to make my dream come true and put to profit the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years. I wanted to make fine quality in the artisan tradition

The name Bergerac came to me as an obvious choice as I grew up in the region of Bergerac and I have a passion for Cyrano de Bergerac, a character from the book of Edmond de Rostand, who represents the spirit of the Mousquetaires, courage,  loyalty, romanticism, beautiful language, good food and good wine…

The VS Bergerac Brandy is a blend from 2006 to 2008, Chenin blanc & Colombar, aged in old French wine barrels. The XO Bergerac Brandy is a blend from 1999 to 2005 of Chenin blanc, Crouchen blanc & Colombar aged in old French and American barrels. Both brandies are 40% alcohol.

I have already planted, in front of the farm house, 1,5 ha of Colombar Ramzy and I am about to plant several hectars of Ugni blanc for the Brandy.

I would like Karoo 1 and Bergerac Distillery to become a destination for the brandy amateurs and for independent and artisan distillers who share the same passion.

Of course Bergerac is proud to be part of the Brandy Foundation and to be a candidate to a Brandy Consulate in South Africa.

Yves Robles


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