Guests can partake in any of the following activities at Karoo 1 Farm Estate.

Activities on offer at Karoo 1 Hotel Village

Relax & reconnect with nature

Karoo 1 is home to several indigenous  game species including,  Gemsbok, Springbok, Vaal Reebok and Zebras while smaller inhabitants like Karoo Dassies and wild Baboons roam freely on the farm. Karoo 1 also becomes home to several migrating bird species during the rainy season (June to September) when large parts of the farm become seasonal wetlands. The Kloof at Karoo 1 is also home to several pair of endangered Black Eagles. With such an opulence of wildlife Karoo 1 offers guests the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature:

Simply relax

There’s nothing like a few quiet days spent in the sun.  Relax in the Karoo 1 Hotel Village swimming pool or be more adventurous and spend the day in the Kloof with it’s own natural rock swimming pool.

With 2000 ha of pristine fynbos and renosterveld vegetation at Karoo 1, spanning mountainous areas and valleys, Karoo 1 offers the perfect opportunity for long leisurely nature walks and hikes. With several indigenous wildlife species roaming freely on the farm your hike or walk will most likely included encounters with these animals in their natural environment. The vegetation itself is a source of great interest with several indigenous plants found on the farm that is used for modern day essential oils and medicines like Helicryssum and Kapokbos - a treasure trove for anybody with interests in Botany.

Unguided nature walk & hikes

Guided nature drives

The nature drives are conducted in open 4x4 Polaris by a qualified ranger and last between 1 and 2 hours. During these drives guests can expect views of the breathtaking vistas on Karoo 1 and interaction with wildlife roaming freely on the farm. Karoo 1 offers 3 types of drives each focussed on a specific aspect or attraction on the farm:

1. Hexriver lookout drive.
2. Fossil Koppie Drive (with  an abundance of shell fossils to view)
3. Kloof lookout drive.

Mountain Biking

35km Route
Starts with a 3km dual track to the foot of "Fossil Koppie" where you can still see real fossils embedded in the rocks. From there a fairly bumpy and rocky single track will take you to the top of the koppie, followed by a fast dual track descent (watch out for wash-aways.) You'll then pedal a loop through the Eastern section of the farm, following sections of the original dirt road towards Kimberley. A rocky 2km single track climb to the peak of the "Gemsbok koppie" is followed by a dual track towards the Hex River Valley and De Doorns lookout. Expect a few sandy patches, as well as potential great game viewing on this section. The route returns via single track with a climb to Boplaats and finishes on a dual trail near Karoo 1 Hotel.

15km Route
This is a relatively flat and easy ride but included the 1km single track climb to the summit of Fossil Koppie - perfect for beginners or not-so-fit riders.

A cultural experience

Emerge yourself in the cultural tapestry that is Karoo 1 Hotel Village.

Wine Emporium

Explore the rich heritage of wine making in the Hex river Valley. Karoo 1 Vineyard and distillery offer guided tours of their facilities, while the Karoo 1 Wine Emporium offer tasting sessions of all the wine produced in the area. Enjoy an informative wine tasting session with a selection of complimentary cheeses.

Art & Workshops

Explore the Karoo 1 Art Gallery to learn about contemporary artists from the area as well as the extensive Karoo 1 Art collection. Karoo 1 regularly offers art, craft and photographic workshops.


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